Achieving smooth multitrack previews?

frederick-wise wrote on 7/11/2012, 11:47 AM
Help needed:

I'm trying to smooth out some multitrack previews like the "cube" setting in Scattershot which creates 7 tracks. My 4 year old computer struggles with multitrack previews regardless of how low I set the resolution. I'm willing to buy a new system if there is a system spec that can play such multitrack projects smoothly. Does anyone know of an affordable system that can achieve multitrack 3D smoothness?

PS I'm willing to build my own system if needed and have already tried a "store bought" 3rd gerneration i7 computer that did everything well except the multitrack previews.

Thanx, Frederick


marts wrote on 7/11/2012, 1:41 PM
Could it be a HDD bottleneck? Unless of course you are using SSD for storing your clips.
Chienworks wrote on 7/11/2012, 1:47 PM
Have you found RAM prerendering to be unsatisfactory in these cases?
frederick-wise wrote on 7/11/2012, 7:32 PM

Do you have a configuration that can achieve smooth multitrack previews? The new system I'm trying out is an HP from S**s Club that has a 90 day trial period. It comes with 8 GB RAM and a 7200 rmp HD but previews no better than my current old system (also with 8 GB RAM).

Is preview quallity more HD dependent or RAM dependent (maybe the video card)? I have no idea and was hoping someone has had success with viewing smooth multitrack previews.
frederick-wise wrote on 7/11/2012, 7:34 PM

I'm trying to just do a simple preview so that I can see changes as I make them in real time. I find prerendering a lengthy process but perhaps the only solution. It seems the software is always ahead of the hardware no matter how much money you throw at it!