Adaptec CD Direct causes Problems

starmaker wrote on 9/28/1999, 2:12 PM
I have ran into problems running CD-Direct and CD Architect.
I have a Teac CDR58 burner which runs up to 8X, but at any
speed with the Direct CD drivers loaded, it records about
6-8 seconds correct and the rest is static. The results
show that the cd was formed correctly. If I us Adaptec CD
Creator 3.5c, it burns audio cds fine (even at 8X) with CD
Direct loaded(since there both Adaptec products now). If I
uninstall CD-Direct, Architect once again runs fine.
Anybody have this scenario working? Before this, I have
never had a problem with Architect.
PC is 450 PentiumIII with 128 megs and 80 meg per sec drive.

Thanks Doug Wells


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