B310: VSTs? Izotope VSTs? Success?

Grazie wrote on 4/30/2014, 2:49 AM
Running through a tried and tested ASIO Presonus AudioBox, I'm getting dreadful Audio Crackling and then silence! It remains truly awful.

My VST iZotope Suite of Audio Go-To treatments are effectively useless. I can pipe-out to iZotope RX Adv and use my plugs from there and tango BACK into VP - but why should I?

SCS, Chris and everybody please advise as to what is going to be done. What do you need from me? Samples?




ChrisDolan (SCS) wrote on 4/30/2014, 4:12 PM
Grazie, in another thread, you mentioned that after cleaning your registry, all is good. Is that true for this thread too? Are you good, or are you still seeking help?
Grazie wrote on 4/30/2014, 4:15 PM
I'm good now. Guys, I had 150 plus REGISTRY issues reported. I've cleaned it and so far so good . . . .

- g
Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/1/2014, 6:44 AM
Didn't help my similar problems. As described in another forum ....

gwailo wrote on 5/2/2014, 1:30 PM
I'm trying to get Vegas Pro 13 installed specifically to see if my Izotope Nectar plugin brings it to a grinding halt, like it does in Vegas 12.

I mainly use the full version of Nectar
with even 1 active nectar plugin + ASIO drivers (EchoAudio Layla) the project is nearly unplayable
using microsoft sound mixer does work with Nectar, but the latency is insane

Is this the same as your problems Geoff?