Dexcon wrote on 2/20/2019, 2:04 AM

Virtually the same question was asked recently on the following post:

Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of responses.

kaygra wrote on 2/20/2019, 11:18 PM

Thank you it seems none of those brands are available in Australia, which is a bugger.

Dexcon wrote on 2/21/2019, 12:07 AM


The laptop I referred to in the other post (Dell Inspiron 15 7000) was indeed bought in Australia through Dell AU online. Dell AU also have the XPS models though limited to 15.6" screen size. It doesn't look as though there are anywhere near as many 17" laptops any more, so you may be limited to 15.6" in a laptop. Officeworks online only has 2 17" laptops; HNs has lots more but some are brand names I've never heard of and seem to be aimed at gaming.

This also jogged my memory that around a year ago re a similar question on this forum, somebody suggested an HP Spectre x360, I think it was. It is available in Australia in either 13" or 15.6" screen sizes, but they are quite pricey. The following link is to HP AU's website re this unit:

It seems well-spec'd and has a full 4K screen. I wouldn't mind one of these myself.

kaygra wrote on 2/21/2019, 3:50 AM

Thank you Dexcon I saw another name and must have missed Dell.

I have also seen this one recommended for Vegas

Any thoughts on this? I have not had much luck with HP. They tend to die on me after 12 months or they start to get functioning issues so i am trying to avoid another one.

It will cost me about $2500 to get a full PC spec'd for vegas so I thought paying around that for a laptop would get me a good one that I can do full rendering on.

Dexcon wrote on 2/21/2019, 4:43 AM

MSI is one of the brands stocked by Harvey Norman (and MSY Computers for that matter), so it may be worth exploring those avenues as well. Personally, I have no experience with or knowledge about MSI, though I would be a little cautious about the unit that you've highlighted. The reason being is that the i7 7700 is a 7th gen Intel core - the most recent Intel gen is now 9.

Many months ago while considering a MS Surface Pro, the units at the time only had 7th gen Intel even though 8th gen had been out for many months. During a Google search comparing gen 7 to 8, I found a few comparison sites identifying significant performance improvements in 8 over 7, especially in regards to 4K video editing, so I decided that gen 7 was not for me.

Even though desktops are much less popular than they were a decade ago, it may be worth it to explore a desktop if you really don't need a laptop edit machine for travel/portability. My main edit computer is still a desktop - a 5 years old Dell XPS which has had quite a few upgrades during those years. And therein lies the advantage. Desktops usually have extra bays to add additional HDDs - it's often recommended to keep video/audio media on a different drive to the OS drive; its much easier to upgrade or add video and audio cards; and the monitor can be upgraded as well (though that is also possible with a laptop using the external output, usually via HDMI). Of course, laptop or desktop is very much a personal choice.


kaygra wrote on 2/22/2019, 4:48 PM

I really want a new laptop for portability and it looks like I"ll have to get a desktop too.

I'll look at the Dell. They are a great brand. Thank you

kaygra wrote on 2/22/2019, 5:04 PM

After looking around it seems the Dell G7-17 , $3,499.00  8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H, 16GB, 16GBx1, DDR4, 2666MHz, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6, 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400 rpm 2.5" SATA Hard Drive (Storage)

Or the Alienware m15

$3,798.99 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H, 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6, 256GB PCIe M.2 SSD + 1TB (+8GB SSHD) Hybrid Drive


are the 2 best options I can find

karma17 wrote on 2/22/2019, 11:10 PM

Those look like great systems. One reason I like PCs is that you can build pretty good desktop systems yourself. But, of course, you can't really build your own laptop.


kaygra wrote on 2/23/2019, 2:20 AM

Yes I looked at getting a pc build and it was $2500 - $2800 and I need to replace my laptop so it is cheaper to buy one of these even though they seem expensive.



robertOZ wrote on 2/23/2019, 11:07 PM

Why on earth would you want to spend $2500-$2800 on a laptop just to run a NLE, I purchased a Dell Inspiron 7567 (see signature for specs), this unit cost less than AUD$2000 including a 3 year service package.

I have 3 NLEs installed have no issues editing full HD or 4 K video, I have never found it necessary to invoke Smart Proxy and have not had issues with jerky playback or any type of slowdown.

Those more expensive units are for Gamers not video editors

kaygra wrote on 2/24/2019, 1:49 AM

Because i have no idea about laptops or PC's and do not know what to use and the Dell guy said this would do the job. Do you have a link to that machine RobertOZ?

What is an NLE?

Can you render a video and still work in photoshop editing photos or render and upload videos at the same time?

My last pc I could only render them walk away for an hour while it did it, and not do anything else. I want to render and keep working.

robertOZ wrote on 2/24/2019, 11:17 PM

An NLE means non-linear editor which is what Movie Studio is

Dell Australia have some great offers at the moment for the Inspiron 15 7000 series of laptops and I believe the G series.

As far as rendering is concerned, How Long is a Piece of String, whether or not you can continue working whilst rendering is in progress is totally dependent on the content of what is being rendered.Rendering is very CPU intensive, so the more filters and text used, the more CPU usage required. I have carried out other work whilst rendering is being carried out, but only when reasonably simple projects are being rendered

kaygra wrote on 2/24/2019, 11:31 PM

Thank you. I use Sony Vegas so not sure what it is. The sales guy mentioned he had the 15-7 I think it was. I'll take another look. Thank you.

vkmast wrote on 2/25/2019, 1:54 AM

I use Sony Vegas so not sure what it is. applies to Magix Vegas and its predecessor (up to v.13) your Sony Vegas as well. That includes both the Vegas Pro and the Movie Studio product lines (scroll to the bottom of the page in the /nle/ link).

A bit longer explanation of the "NLE" here