Blu-ray Blues

wazza wrote on 9/11/2022, 11:59 PM

I've been building a Blu-ray. I created a submenu containing a still image with 17 buttons each linked to the appropriate scene/chapter markers inserted in the timeline of an audio file. Each of the buttons do select and play the correct scene/chapter and the appropriate song commences to play. However, immediately after selecting any button in the list, only the first button at the top of list remains highlighted even though that is not the song that is currently heard playing.

I would like the button text highlighting to always reflect the scene/chapter that is currently being played, whether that is a manual choice(button selection) or a continuous play-through of the entire audio file. So far, I've been unable to fix this flaw in the submenu. Can anyone provide a solution or workaround?

Screenshots of the submenu is included here. Any help will be appreciated.

Running DVD Architect 7., Build 100 on Windows 10 x64.


DMT3 wrote on 9/12/2022, 8:50 AM


As I understand your problem, the MENUS are the video while music is playing. You want the current song to be HIGHLIGHTED in that MENU while the song is playing. If that is correct, then you need to set the BUTTON.

You should be able to do this by designating the DESTINATION BUTTON in the MENU that is sending the command. For example, if you select the song "Praying for Time", go to actions and select DESTINATION as the "Praying for Time" link and DESTINATION BUTTON as the "Praying for Time" button in the destination menu.

If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I will try to create a video demo.

wazza wrote on 9/12/2022, 9:17 AM

Thanks for your prompt post DMT3. I see where your suggestion will most likely be a solution to my problem. However, all of the "DESIGNATION BUTTON" selections in the menu indicate "N/A" and are grayed-out, not allowing any button designation to be selected. See right side of the screenshot which shows what I've described.

If I can correct that issue, then I believe that may well solve my problem. Any additional ideas?

DMT3 wrote on 9/12/2022, 9:28 AM

Hmm, let me play with this a bit today and I will try to get back with a solution.

DMT3 wrote on 9/12/2022, 10:31 AM

@wazza is the timeline with the music set up as a MENU or is it just a graphic (although same as the menu) with the music on it.

wazza wrote on 9/12/2022, 11:41 AM

I've reproduced the issue in a new DVD or Blu-ray project. The submenu in question was created by using the "INSERT MEDIA" command on the main menu. The media is a 96K/24bit audio file. Then, entering the newly created submenu, I replaced the empty video track with a still image by selecting "Track Media - Video - Replace".

I then created and titled chapter/scene markers at the beginning of each song in the audio file. Then, I inserted buttons for each song(17) and titled each button. Then, I used the Button Properties - Action - menu - to select the audio file as the Destination for each button and the appropriate chapter/scene marker was then selected as the Destination chapter for each button. At this point, each and every Destination button selection is greyed-out and reads N/A.

DMT3 wrote on 9/12/2022, 12:45 PM

You cannot add Chapter markers to a menu. So it sounds like to me, what started out as a submenu was turned into a normal video/audio track with chapter markers. I think the best way to achieve what you want is to make each song an individual destination with its own unique graphic and the title of that Song highlighted as part of the graphic. It would not be an active menu.

wazza wrote on 9/12/2022, 1:50 PM

Thanks, but I'm not sure your solution above would work for me. The audio file needs to play continuously through each song until the end, and then either loop back to the first song or stop. All the song titles need to be listed on one page and the appropriate song title needs to be highlighted when that song begins playing. That ought to be simple enough to accomplish with DVD Architect, but so far it completely eludes me.

DMT3 wrote on 9/12/2022, 1:53 PM

Then build a video track of graphics with each individual song its own graphic that is timed out.

wazza wrote on 9/12/2022, 1:56 PM

Ohhhh! I think I understand now. I'll tinker with that and let you know. That might be a clever workaround. Thanks!

wazza wrote on 9/13/2022, 7:03 PM

DMT3 I implemented your idea and it worked fine for highlighting the correct song titles as they play. However, that solution only allows the song to be changed by using a remote control's track change buttons |<< >>|. No on-screen scrolling and/or selecting a song from the list. One would think that it would be simple thing to have both features. Maybe Scenarist?

DMT3 wrote on 9/13/2022, 11:46 PM

Another way is to make each one an individual menu, but that defeats the continuous play option. I don't know if more advanced authoring programs like Scenarist will do that. It depends upon if Bluray supports that type of function. You might also look into using a PLAYLIST. It is in the HELP file of DVDA.