Can't compile Blu-ray ISO; "Audio buffer underflows" error

Rico-Robbins wrote on 10/9/2022, 9:02 PM


I'm trying to render out an AVC Blu-ray project. Everything has been transcoded already to Blu-ray-compliant .264 and .ac3 files except for the menu backgrounds. Those are .jpg files. However, every time I attempt to create the ISO file, I get the following error as soon as it starts to create the Blu-ray structure:

An error occurred during preparation

Status: mscorlib.dll::ThreadHelper::ThreadStart_Context::Audio buffer underflows



In case anyone was wondering, the files were created using Compressor on my Mac. I'm not sure if that could be causing the issue. Google hasn't proved useful, as nearly every post I find is for VIDEO buffer underflow errors. This one says audio. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I'm using DVD Architect 7(?), Build 100 on Windows 11.


EricLNZ wrote on 10/9/2022, 10:48 PM

Give us media details of the jpg files as not all are equal, and maybe there's something that DVDA doesn't like.

DMT3 wrote on 10/10/2022, 9:28 AM

Are you using separate video and audio files or are they muxed? DVDA works better with separate files.

john-baker wrote on 10/22/2022, 4:04 AM



. . . . the files were created using Compressor on my Mac. I'm not sure if that could be causing the issue. . . . .

This is a known issue with DVDA 7 - from the readme file in the installation folder:

When using media that was rendered outside of DVD Architect, video buffer underflow errors can occur during project preparation if portions of a video stream exceed the project's bit rate. You can use the Optimize Disc dialog to force recompression (re-encoding) of the media file, and the project will prepare without error.

The solution given is not ideal as you have already compressed the files, try increasing the DVDA project video Bitrate setting, the default is 18000, to 23000.


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