Kennymusicman wrote on 1/26/2008, 10:36 AM
CDA doesn't recognise ASIO par-se. It allows you microsoft mapper, andWindows Classic WAve driver. That's the lot. You may be able to select your device in the WCWave choice.

(DVDA is just the same, except you don't get any choice!)
Greg_M wrote on 2/12/2008, 11:09 PM
Download the little utility called MMEHelper from the Digi web site and use it to tell your 002 to add the CDA executable (CDArch52.exe) file to the list of programs to use with the Digi wave driver. The utility was written by Rail Jon Rogut and is very intuitive. Make sure you have installed the Digi wave driver for your version of PT.

I guess the other thing worth mentioning is the little output routing icon on the CDA master fader. Click on it to make sure you are routed to the correct device.

This is all easier than it sounds - you'll see.

Hope this helps,