CDA 5.2 subcode scan bug

randy_perry wrote on 3/14/2005, 12:13 PM
This a feature that I use everyday, so once I updated to 5.2 it stuck out like sore thumb.

When you chose "extract audio from CD", you are offered the choice to "Read Entire Disc" and then you have 3 check boxes "Add to timeline", "Create tracks from full subcode scan" and "Save track regions and index markers to extracted file" my default setting is to have all 3 boxes checked.

So I extracted an image from a PMCD that has PQ and ISRC information encoded, I did this from a CD I know that 5.0 had extracted correctly from before.

5.2 extracted only the PQ info, but not fully the last track should have had a 16.6 second countdown gap also no ISRC info was copied.

So I go to the the menu click on "Disc" and select "Read subcodes from CD..." from the pulldown menu. I select "Full disc scan (CD Text, Pause times and index markers) and check off "Include ISRC" and "Include UPC/MCN" press OK

It reads the disc again and this time it correctly grabs the pause times as well as the ISRC codes.

So the bug would seem to be in the calls it is making when you "extract audio from CD" with the "Create tracks from full subcode scan" selected, it is acting as if this button has not been selected.

I have tried this repeatedly with several different discs with the same results, I have fully rebooted the machine as well, with the same results.


Randy Perry
Pre-mastering Supervisor
Rhino / Warner Music Group