Chapter Playlist

field1post wrote on 9/12/2020, 1:01 PM

I have a single timeline. I have 20 chapters on the timeline. I would like to be able to play those chapters in a predetermined order. I am not able to separate the video into individual shorter videos, I have to use the single video/timeline.

I am trying to use a script to do this be defining multiple commands, each command has a link to a different chapter. Unfortunately, only the first command is recognized when I preview the disk. The subsequent commands are ignored. How can I get scripting to advance from command 1, to command 2...etc. using scripting?



DougT wrote on 9/12/2020, 1:54 PM

Have you looked into using a PLAYLIST?

Jack S wrote on 9/12/2020, 4:49 PM

@field1post You don't need scripting. Import the video 20 times (don't worry, you don't actually import 20 times), then on each media entry, set in and out points where you want your individual chapters to start and end. You can then use the Action control to allow a button to play a particular chapter. In the End Action control set it to go to the last menu.

field1post wrote on 9/14/2020, 7:42 PM

Hi Jack. That is good to know. My timelines have upwards of 70 chapters in them and nearly 20 different combinations of those chapters. For example, one menu item may play chapters 1,2,5,7,9,10,11. Another menu item may play 12,13,14,15,30,31,32,33. I get the return to last menu functionality though. Thanks for that.


Jack S wrote on 9/15/2020, 5:38 AM

@field1post That's very complex. Far too complex for the method that I described. @DougT's suggestion might be worth investigating. Good luck.

field1post wrote on 9/15/2020, 2:18 PM

Have you looked into using a PLAYLIST?

Hi @DougT,

Since playlisting only works with media files, it would not work for me in this scenario. What I need for my purposes is scripting support.

Thank you for your feedback though.

DougT wrote on 9/15/2020, 3:25 PM

I have done some scripting, can you show me what you have done and we can see if we can figure out how to make it work. I have not play with PLAYLISTS much but I thought it was chapter based.

DougT wrote on 9/15/2020, 8:34 PM

I think I have a way, but it is not easy. Scripting alone does not do what you want, but scripting combined with what Jack suggested would do it. If you have 70 chapters, you need to add the media 70 times. extremely painful. Then set in and out point on each entry timeline so that each chapter has its own timeline with its segment highlighted. Now create scripts that set variables, GPRMS. and you will use IF and THEN scripts as well. If you want to play set A (for example: 1,7,8,2,5) then start with a DVD script that sets GPRM to 1. For set B (5,2,3,12,70) setp GPRM to 2, etc. At the end of each timeline, the end action is to a script that would say IF GPRM =1 the LINK "next chapter you want". If GPRM=2 the LINK to "alternate chapter". It is quite an intensive process, but can be done. If you have access to Adobe Encore, it has an option that does this for you.

field1post wrote on 9/21/2020, 4:06 PM

Hi DougT,

I am currently using Encore (and have for several years). However, Adobe no longer supports it and I cannot even download it anymore so I need to move to another package in case the software starts failing on me.

I will try both the straight playlist as well as the script and playlist feature.

Thank You.

DougT wrote on 9/21/2020, 6:08 PM

Well DVDA is no longer sold or supported either. They will both continue to work until Windows shuts them down. I still use Encore from a few versions back under Windows 10.