rraud wrote on 3/13/2019, 9:35 AM

With the demo version, aside from 30 days, I think the maximum rendering length is only a minute (or two), so any legal issues may be a non-issue.

vkmast wrote on 3/13/2019, 9:42 AM

In Magix Vegas Pro 16 trial versions the max. rendering length needs to be less than 2 minutes. The last Sony/SCS versions were v.13.

fan-boy wrote on 3/19/2019, 4:01 PM


Davinci Resolve 15 ( Free ) will do what you want . get it at their web site :

vkmast wrote on 3/19/2019, 5:35 PM

Re the conditions of Vegas Pro trial versions (which is the topic), read this comment from the dev team.

The hardware requirements and other specifications of any free or paid alternative software should be found on their respective websites and Help/Support Forums.