saff wrote on 1/18/2000, 5:28 PM
I've solved my problem: bought a SCSI Quantum 9GB 7200 RPM hard
drive -- droputs are gone! Working like a dream... Thought I'd let
everyone know in case anyone is having similar issues.

Carl Saff wrote:
>>Hello --
>>My system:
>>AMD K6-2 3DNow 475MHz processor
>>128MB P100 SDRAM
>>EPoX 58MVP3C-M motherboard (512MB L2 cache)
>>Seagate Medalist 4.3GB IDE hard drive (OS)
>>IBM 16GP 10GB IDE 5400RPM hard drive (audio only)
>>Frontier Dakota digital sound card
>>SoundBlaster AWE-32 ISA analog sound card
>>Diamond Viper V-330 AGP 4MB video card
>>Samsung SC-140 CD-ROM drive
>>Panasonic 7502 SCSI CDR drive
>>Adaptec 1520 ISA SCSI adapter
>>My problem:
>>Although it has required a lot of tweaking (manually
>>adjusting my virtual memory, reducing graphics hardware
>>acceleration, adjusting my vcache settings, and disabling
>>both of my ISA cards), I was able to force Cool Edit Pro to
>>record 16 tracks of 48KHz, 16-bit audio from my two ADATs
>>(using my Dakota card) without dropouts. However, mixing in
>>CEP is a *drag*. So I was incredibly excited when I
>>downlowded the Vegas demo -- mixing the tracks that I had
>>recorded with CEP was a *breeze*. I love Vegas! Sadly, I
>>ordered the program on the strength of this experience
>>alone. Now I'm a regsitered owner, but I cannot make Vegas
>>record 16 48KHz, 16-bit tracks from my ADATs without
>>getting dropouts.
>>As you may know, you can configure the Windows System
>>Monitor to check the performance of the Dakota card. While
>>tracking in CEP, I see no ISR misses, very low average IRQ
>>latency, and my CPU is working at about 75% of capacity.
>>While tracking the same source material in Vegas, I get
>>numerous ISR misses and very high IRQ latency, and my CPU
>>is maxxed. This surprises me, as I am able to *play* 40
>>simultaneous 48KHz, 16-bit tracks in Vegas without a hitch
>>(barely even maxxes the CPU)! It's just the recording
>>that's producing the droputs.
>>I hope you have a solution for me -- not being able to mix
>>*and* record in Vegas is very unfrotunate. I'd love to be
>>able to stop using CEP completely, but looks like I'll be
>>relying on it for tracking until I can figure this out.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Carl Saff