Confused by the response from tech support on Screen Capture

D7K wrote on 8/13/2019, 11:03 AM

Here is our exchange. My copy of Screen Capture created a Capture folder and captured files, but the desktop shows a black capture screen and records zero byte video files. The laptop show the same distorted capture screen to select as others here have show. I was clear what was happening on either system and it clearly is not related to the capture file issue. So why this reply, have one of the Mods contracted Tech Support about issues not related to the Capture folder?

I've moved the capture folder and no change on either computer, started the capture program from the Exe file and still no joy.





That is not the issue. On the desktop I get a black “desired frame” listing a pnp monitor with no image. MP4 files are recorded but have a zero length in the Captures folder. Only one screen on the desktop out of the Radon RX480 card. On the laptop I get a distorted image of area I wanted captured in the “desired video frame” and it writes a file with a distorted image.


I hope this is a clear description for you, do you need more information to trace the bug. I would be please to help you as a beta tester on my two systems.




From: MAGIX Pro Support <>
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2019 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: [Ticket#2019080917005158] VEGAS Pro: Request Support


Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for your message.

The process for screen capturing is:
1. Due to a bug, manually create a folder named "Captures" at C:\Users\"user name"\. This is were the recorded MP4 files are stored.
2. Open the screen capture tool via the menu "Project/Screen Capture".
3. Select the desired display and audio source by clicking once onto their frames. The selected sources then will have a grey border.
4. In the screen recorder window click the record button.
5. Hide the screen recorder window until you're done.
6. Unhide the screen recorder window.
7. Click the stop button.

Your recorded MP4 file then is expected to be in the "Captures" folder you created in the first step. If it's not there, another bug seems to prevent recording.
Best regards,
xx xx

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08/09/2019 20:30 - Jeff Lee wrote:

Name: Jeff Lee
Product: VEGAS Pro
Version: 17

Screen Capture appears to be working for some, and not others. I have two machines
(desktop and Laptop) and it fails to work on either:
1. . i7700 4200 MHZ 32 gig menory RX480 Randon 8 gig Windows 10 PRO Screen choice
is listed as PNP generic and shows all black

2. HP Elite 8470P I5 8 gig memory Windows 10 home. Shows distored screen of
something (not one of my screens) and does not record, writes an empty file.

I know this is a new release but it appears that it works for some and not others.
VP17 runs fines on both machines.


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