Couple of questions before I pull the trigger

johnpete wrote on 2/6/2003, 9:13 PM
I currently have Vegas 3.0 and Acid Pro 4.0.

If I upgrade to Vegas+DVD does that includes the Vegas Video 4.0 upgrade?

Can I render the 5.1 audio and video in Vegas 4.0 or Vegas+DVD and use them with a different DVD authoring program? DVDit, ReelDVD, Impression Pro.?

Can DVD-A except encoded assets? (MPG, AC3, etc)

Can DVD-A build a DVD image file to be burned with another program?

I've just been converting old home videos to DVD and after all the work getting the assets ready I like to use multiple DVD tools to produce different DVD's (hedging my bets).

I've used the 4.0 beta and the upgrade looks like a good value. But will go for the extra $150 bucks if I can use the encoded assets in different programs. Can I write the BIG check?



SonyTony wrote on 2/7/2003, 12:07 AM

Yes, your upgrade to Vegas+DVD will include Vegas 4 as well as DVD Architect. You will also be able to render 5.1 surround audio with the upgraded Vegas 4.

The rendered compliant MPEG and AC3 files can be used with a different DVD authoring program, provided that the program supports those formats. (Check with the vendor.)

DVD Architect will work with both compliant MPEG and AC3 formats, and will not have to re-compress the files. (DVD Architect gives you control over the media assets you bring in, allowing you to decide what gets re-compressed as well as what formats and bit-rates will be used.)

The upgrade package is a great value, but the purchase decision is yours to make...

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