Custom fonts

Omen777 wrote on 1/24/2023, 8:12 AM

First time making videos on Vegas 20.1. I wanted to add text in my videos, but only the default fonts are avaliable for use. As an example, I wanted to add the Pusab font to the font list, but I don't know where to drop the file. The forum didn't really gave much about it so I typed my issue out.

I'll thank you in advance for the help.


MikeS wrote on 1/24/2023, 8:37 AM

As far as I am aware Vegas Pro uses the installed fonts list. Is this what you mean by " the default fonts"? or are you suggesting that you are seeing far fewer fonts than Windows normally shows?


If the former, then adding a font is as simple as righ-clicking the relevant font file (.otf) and selectiug Install from the menu. If the otf file is in a zip file then this won't work - you either need to extract the file from the zip and then follow the instructions above, or open the otf, and click the Install button in the window you will get.


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Omen777 wrote on 1/24/2023, 9:05 AM

Yeah it was WAY EASIER than I expected after unconvensional issues I had with the software lol XD