Error When Processing An MPEG File - DVD Fails

Dach wrote on 9/19/2014, 9:25 AM
After many years of using DVD Architect I am now experiencing an error that has me scratching my head.

" Warning: An error occurred while writing a file. Invalid data was encountered when processing an MPEG file."

Has anyone experienced this error? This is what I have done in trying to trouble shoot it.

* Re-rendered the MPEG file, multiple times to different hard drives. (DVD Arch. Template)
* Uninstalled / Installed DVD Architect.

I've also done the following with success.

* Took original file that created the error to a different work station and successfully created the DVD files.

* Rendered the file with sing pass VBR and successfully created DVD.

Any insight or continued dialogue would be appreciated. This is the second unique project I have had this problem on. (Using the same work station.)