fx button doesn't work

Barbara wrote on 5/10/2022, 1:33 PM

I have Vegas Pro 18 (Windows). For a few days fx button (on the video & audio tracks and on the clips) doesn't work. I mean it works for the first time but when I add effect, I can't delete or change it because plugin chooser window does not open for second time. It's been like this for a few days. I've never had this problem before. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of reinstalling Vegas but I don't know if I loose all my projects.


Former user wrote on 5/10/2022, 1:54 PM

@Barbara Hi, that's how it works, first time you click on the fx button on the event on the timeline the fx window will open, after that you can either add an fx from the Video FX window or you can click the blue f button top right in the Video event FX window, deleting the fx from the top of that Video event FX window using the red f button will allow you to click on the fx button on the event like you did first time to open the plugin fx window, but like i say you can do that with the blue fx button,

I have these windows docked on the screen, you can see them on the right but if you can't see them, go to View - Window

PS there's no 'Sony' Vegas anymore, you might want to change that, it's now Magix.

vkmast wrote on 5/10/2022, 2:40 PM

@Barbara FYI, Sony Vegas vs.VEGAS. Please use the correct branding of the software.