Dexcon wrote on 7/15/2020, 6:26 AM

HitFilm Pro is not so much an add-on like a video FX; rather, there is a link from Vegas Pro to HFP so that you can do composite work in HFP and bring that work back into VP. It's more like two separate NLEs - each with their own advantages - that can interact with each other.

HitFilm Pro has a demo (trial) version so you can test it out for yourself.

You may wish to look at HitFilm Pro's forum at:

... and maybe even post your question there as that is where the most users of HFP will be.

The main advantage of HFP over VP is the ability to do complicated composites in 3D space.

The FXHome website also provides dozens upon dozens of tutorials on using HFP which are well worth watching - these may best help you to decide if HitFilm Pro will be of use for your needs.