Hit and miss DVD burns

kosmo007 wrote on 1/29/2007, 8:25 PM
Help! I'm very frustrated!
I have made several dozen DVD's on Arch Studio v3 and v2 before it. Having worked on several projects. I make my DVD's with several chapters. All chapters play OK after a burn on my computer and on my media center DVD player.

However, and here is the problem! Nearly 50% of my DVd's fail to play, in part, when I give them to friends and family. I fully understand not all DVD players, especially older ones, like +/- DVD media. But here is the $64K question. Everyone who has a problem with my DVD's tells me they are able to play as an example, 4 chapters out of 6, but 2 Chapters won't play at all! Why does this occur? Again, some chapters play yet others won't play! I mean if the DVD player doesn't like the format why doesn't the entire DVD fail? Why does only part of the DVD fail? Help..and you can write to me direct at "jking3@mindspring.com " Thanks kosmo007

PS I have all the latest drivers, I have good computer equipment and a Memorex burner!