YellowSmileY wrote on 1/30/2002, 12:48 PM
Do U already have CD Architect installed?
Engineer wrote on 2/4/2002, 5:46 PM
You need CDA. With this you can mix your songs then while in CDA place track markers where new track starts without the 2 sec gap

Bill Woolford
zorba66 wrote on 2/15/2002, 4:53 PM
The info given in last two threads were a little vague. I cannot find my manual and am having trouble placing tracks into an already recorded CD. Here's the thing. I have ripped the file to wav format on the hardrive and need to know the procedure (step by step, if possible) on how to add tracks to the file or do I need to actually break it up into pieces and then reburn it with no gaps. Please help.
YellowSmileY wrote on 2/18/2002, 5:05 PM
If U want 2 add a TRACK marker onto the WAV file, just place the cursor on the spot and press T on your keyboard. That adds a track.

I think that's what ur asking?
DJ_PIERRE wrote on 3/18/2002, 7:56 PM
ok i can use acid 2.0 to record my mixes and then make them into tracks for there and when i burn it on to cd it will not have any gaps..