I keep getting an error code when opening MS14

Riveris wrote on 3/2/2018, 9:48 PM

Basically I have an error -59 and while it seems to be something that pops up a lot I haven't found a method that works properly.

Does it have to do with MS15 existing now? The program worked fine on Tuesday, and I opened it yesterday just fine too. I've only had it since Christmas. Was it because I deleted some random audio copy that appeared in one of my subfolders? It wouldn't make sense because the only connection to MS14 was that I used the original file in a video, but that's the only thing I did in regards to any of this. It's super annoying. The email hasn't gotten any info as to what could be doing this. I've looked it up but all the fixes seem like absolute gibberish at best.

EDIT: I put the file back and it still didn't help, so I can cross that off the list.


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