Install capture card or Vegas Video first?

milkbone96 wrote on 2/1/2001, 9:53 PM
Hi all. Im a newbie, and I need some advice. While on this

in the General Tips section, it recommends installing the
software before the card. I have a Pinnacle StudioDV card,
which I understand is OHCI-compliant, and will therefore
work with Vegas Video.

I have a JVC DVL-505 camera. I am running Windows ME on a
MS 5184 M/B with an AMD K6/2-450 chip. 192MB ram, 16mb
Voodoo2 v/card, and have a new 40gb ata-100 hdd (slave)
with the ata-100 Promise controller card set to go for DV
use only.

Any suggestions as to:
1. What I should install first - the card or the s/w?
2. Any feeback concerning the JVC camera?
3. Any comments/suggestions on my system or improving it?

I have read many threads here, and have learned quite a
bit, and will probably have more posts as I really get into

Thanks for any and all help. Looking forward to your


John Burritt


SonyEPM wrote on 2/5/2001, 9:06 AM
If you plan on using an OHCI compliant IEEE-1394 DV card
from Pinnacle, please don't install the software that came
with it. NONE of it. Let Windows pick the driver for the DV

JVC DV cameras are ok- note that some of them do not allow
DV loop-thru (so, no external monitor possible using a
camera w/o loopthru)