Grazie wrote on 3/28/2008, 4:36 PM
Does the VST part mean it will now work from inside Vegas?
Kennymusicman wrote on 3/28/2008, 4:39 PM
Indeed. You will find there are 5 plugins - declipper, declicker, denoiser, spectral repair and hum removal

The installer will provide the option (if you are on 64bit OS) to install 64bit versions of the plugs - so if you have such apps - you get to enjoy the nativiity.[an iZotope]

Spectral repair can be a little quirky to use - but you'll know how to use it straight away as it will detect Vegas and tell you how to use the plugs. Instructions also specific for other apps, such as Nuendo, Cubase etc.

Big improvements on quad core, and more.

(also updates the RX app too!)

Awesomeness :)
Grazie wrote on 3/28/2008, 4:57 PM

Thanks . . What a company!!! Izo are wunderfule .. . They said they would have it out . .and they DID it!!

Downloaded and now installing.

Grazie wrote on 3/28/2008, 4:59 PM
Does this mean that it will ADD takes? Versions of improved Audio?
rs170a wrote on 3/28/2008, 5:04 PM
Many thanks for the heads-up on this Grazie!!!

JohnnyRoy wrote on 3/28/2008, 5:21 PM
This is sweet! I've been using RX stand alone but to have it right there in Vegas just ups the productivity by 100%. Way cool. You would think this would be in their newsletter. Great spotting Grazie.

Grazie wrote on 3/28/2008, 5:42 PM
Installed and working.

Now, Izo .. Make a newsletter about this? Yes?

Tinle wrote on 4/1/2008, 3:43 PM
How to install Plug ins?

I had no problem with updating the stand alone version. Confused about installation for use as plugin with Vegas 7.0e and SoundForge 9.0e

Izotope offers choice of DirectX and VST install package for plugin

Which to use? and where do they go?
Grazie wrote on 4/1/2008, 10:52 PM
When I selected VST, and apply - or whatever - I just stood back and, boom, done. I dont remember having to say anything?

Thanks again JR!

MUTTLEY wrote on 4/1/2008, 11:03 PM
Thanks Grazie, you rule for keepin me posted on this, woulda never noticed. =)

- Ray
Some of my stuff on Vimeo
Grazie wrote on 4/1/2008, 11:16 PM
Mutts . . I wasn't emailed nor notified. I just got a "nudge" about NAB, saw Izo being close to SONY, and thought: "Hey, let's see what's 'appening over there on the Izo site?" - And thar she be!

NickHope wrote on 4/2/2008, 12:42 AM
Is this an update to the izotope stuff I got free with Vegas or is it an update to a product I have to pay for to use?

Edit: I'm thinking of the Mastering Effects bundled with Sound Forge
Grazie wrote on 4/2/2008, 12:54 AM
"IzoRx" this is the PAID for, "iZotope's new complete audio restoration software combining the highest resolution displays with the highest quality denoising, hum removal, declicking, declipping, and spectral tools"

Love it!!

johnmeyer wrote on 4/2/2008, 1:53 PM
IzoRx is what Sound Forge's noise reduction module would be today, if Sony had continued to enhance it. If you need to do any of the things that Grazie listed, you MUST get this product. It is amazing, almost mystical. I still cannot believe it when I remove a cough from a recording and, in most cases, the wanted sound seems totally unaffected. Absolute magic.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 4/2/2008, 2:01 PM
> Absolute magic.

Agreed. This is a must have tool. I removed someone dropping a chair in the middle of a memorial service. The chair made a big bang but after using IzoRx the bang is gone. I wouldn't have believed it could be done but you just paint the sound out visually. It's absolutely brilliant. I love it.

LarryP wrote on 4/2/2008, 4:58 PM
I'd rate RX 85% brilliant and 15% frustrating.

Sometimes it takes some fiddling to find the right combination of settings to not get newly created discordant sounds, I miss the Vegas PLAY and PAUSE buttons, with stereo files the screen gets a bit cramped, I wish it would graphically show what the surrounding areas are sort of like SF9 and I'd buy a Wacom tablet in a flash if I could draw those darn little lines the way I want them.

That said a couple of weeks ago I finished a 2 CD set of live recordings and RX did a superb job of removing babies, thumping mic stands, a stuck damper on a piano string, room rumble, and even the 15734 from a near by monitor. I really love it - mostly.


johnmeyer wrote on 4/2/2008, 7:16 PM
I'd rate RX 85% brilliant and 15% frustrating. I agree with what you are saying, namely that the interface is clunky, and the controls for moving through the sound file are close to being downright bad. I did speak to one of their engineers when I first purchased the product, but was still so in awe that I didn't get into the negatives. I did subsequently write to them and suggested that they "steal" a few UI ideas from Sound Forge. While Sound Forge has fallen behind in terms of features, it's UI -- like the user interface in Vegas -- is still a really fine piece of work.
Nobody wrote on 4/3/2008, 12:53 PM
By the way...

I just got the e-mail announcing the update / plug-ins abotu 20 minutes ago.

(Installed it yesterday.)

Grazie wrote on 4/3/2008, 1:34 PM
yup, me too - g