Dexcon wrote on 6/28/2020, 8:23 AM

"Ranting" is correct. NLEs are not even one of his specialties. Look at - NLEs don't even get a topic listing in its forum - the main focus on the site is tech and gaming.

Re LinusTech and NLE comments - ignore. Yes, I know that he wasn't talking specifically about NLEs - only the comparison of a little known MAGIX product on CPU usage.

lenard-p wrote on 6/28/2020, 8:45 AM

Intel should have used Magix Video Pro X as they could have still got the same performance increases between intel and AMD cpu as Video Pro X also only supports intel quicksync for hardware encoding/decoding, and Video Pro X is a real NLE. There still is the problem that it's not a mainstream product. Yes LInus doesn't appear technical, as far as I know, Premiere Pro used cuda for acceleration but they just turned on NVENC/NVDEC for hardware encoding/decoding. I don't use premiere though, I might not that have correct.