List of latest builds?

Jessariah67 wrote on 4/15/2019, 8:39 AM

I'm finding links to the latest build, but there is no number - we used to have a running list of build downloads somewhere, so you could "go back" if you needed to (I'm suddenly getting error messages and Vegas crashes all the time when trying to open existing work files...). I'm currently using build 461 of VP16, but have no idea if the "current build" link is that build or if there is a later one.


JN_ wrote on 4/15/2019, 8:53 AM

I just click the “News” page, its b361 third “patch” down, highest is latest.

I download and store each update as they become available, so if I need to roll back then easy enough.

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Desktop and Laptop basic specs ...

Both run Win 10 ...

Running latest ver. of Vegas Pro with latest updates.

VP13 B453 also.

Vegaseur and Pluraleyes installed on both ...


PC ...

i9 9900K, Intel Graphics 630. Nov 2018.

Mem. 32gb DDR4 Nov. '18.

Graphics card .. Nvidia Rtx 2080 Ti

Nvidia Graphics driver .. latest Studio driver.

Latest Intel Graphics driver


Laptop ... (Acer Predator G9-793-77AC)

CPU .. i7-6700HQ Skylake-H

Memory ..16GB DDR4 

Graphics card .. Nvidia GTX 1070, latest Studio driver.

vkmast wrote on 4/15/2019, 9:03 AM

(Courtesy of Nick Hope)

Linked in point 6 here

Jessariah67 wrote on 4/15/2019, 4:27 PM