Lock ups

dumbo wrote on 6/2/2003, 10:55 AM
Howdy everyone, well after going thru 3 CDR drives , perhaps the new one is working better (less lockups). HOWEVER , when i am playing a project, if i press ANY of the Transport parameters the whole program locks up and crashes (even with NO plug ins going). This is really a PITA! Also, at first it seemed i could run alot of plug ins at first , but now it seems like i can run less and less amount of plugs everytime i use CDA5!!!??? Almost like there is a DX/Plug Cache that is filling up and bogging down my PC. I have ample RAM and HD space....why would it be any different in performance now than earlier, i have hardly anything on the HD (70 gig free).


Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/2/2003, 2:43 PM
It looks very much like you have a problem with your Windows installation, or drivers.

dumbo wrote on 6/6/2003, 1:44 PM
I have updated ALL drivers now, and the TRANSPORT buttons are still locking up. I updated the mother board drivers, Win98, my CDR and soundcard (which is an Aardvark and doesn't use IRQ's). All my other programs work fine, this is a CDA5 problem IMO.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/7/2003, 6:59 PM
May be a CDA5 problem, but seems unique to you. Have you downloaded the whole caboodle again in case you have something corrupted in your install ?

** Late edit : just twigged. You list Win98. If you check the specs, CDA5 requires Win98SE or later.


dumbo wrote on 6/9/2003, 1:51 PM
Thanks Geoff, oooops, i meant Win98SE, with current MS updates. This is the 2nd install of CDA5 (downloaded each time), and still doing it. I have had probs like this with PAS's Spectrum Analyzer and Virtos Noise Reduction, i figured it was me, but after i contacted each of them, the both said 'yes' it was something they were aware of and sent me a patch or .dll file that totally fixed it. This reminds me very much of those situations in the way it is behaving (the Transport FF/RW and misc other tabs lock up). I still can't get CDA5 to see my USB2 CDR for extraction (works for burning) but i am assuming it is having conflicts with my internal CDROM drive , but have'nt confirmed that yet.