multicam edit lecturer+powerpoint+composite of both

SGLTech wrote on 9/14/2019, 4:58 PM

I've recently filmed a seminar and am producing it in VEGAS Pro 14.

I have a wide angle of the presenter in 4K resolution, 25fps, allowing for digital zoom and pan as they walk around:

I have a GeForce Experience desktop video of the slideshow, recorded in 1920p, 30 fps of a slideshow with 4:3 aspect ratio.

I'm planning to render the video in 1080p 25fps to get the smoothness of the presenter video with the resolution of the slideshow.

I’m wanting to do some kind of composite image of the two like this, requiring me to use motion tracking to keep the presenter in frame.

But there are times when I want to revert to the original camera A or slideshow B original recordings, and I would love to have the convenience of choosing from these three video in a multicam edit:

The trouble is that creating a multicam track comes with this warning that some items (including motion) will be lost during this operation:

If I proceed, all my work motion tracking my speaker is lost, so it seems to me that I have to choose between composite imaging and multicam editing. Is this correct?

Can any of you think of a way to make this idea work?

Can VEGAS Pro handle this in one project, or would a multicam edit require me to do nested projects?

Does the latest version of VEGAS Pro handle this scenario any better than VEGAS Pro 14?

Thanks for your advice.



Musicvid wrote on 9/14/2019, 5:28 PM

I think you want masking, not multicam.

Many tutorials here and on. YouTube.


Former user wrote on 9/14/2019, 6:12 PM

@SGLTech If you do need to do Multicam, as well as masking, you can avoid the warnings by doing the multicam manually, i.e. several tracks, plenty of cutting and muting.

OldSmoke wrote on 9/16/2019, 8:48 AM

I have never tried it but maybe nesting the track with all the tracking into a multicam project could be a solution?

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AmazingM wrote on 9/17/2019, 12:39 AM


If you do a lot of work with PP slides and video and you have an earlier version of "Sony" Vegas Pro say from version 12 back Singular Software who Red Giant bought out had an excellent plugin called Presto which was created for PP and video presentations. One imports the PP slides (as JPEG's or PNG's) and the video of the presenter and also a B roll video of say the audience if need be. It has pan and crop and will also track the presenter if they moved around the stage either as is or apply the software's cookie cutter effect, then click on a few other alternative ways the software will give you and off it goes to do its magic. This software is an immense time-saver as it speeds up ones workflow considerably .. . . Shame though that it is no longer available....but... if you look carefully on the net you may be able to find it ....But as I mentioned it will only work as a plugin with "Sony" Vegas Pro. Unless someone knows a way to direct it as a plugin in the Magix Vegas Pro..

FayFen wrote on 9/17/2019, 2:19 AM

You don't have 3 shots, only 2. no need for multicam.

So place your main presenter 4K in one track and the PPT on next track in basic PIP.

cut for the relevant content first and then go back and modify for the composition you need.