robwood wrote on 10/29/2013, 4:10 PM
1) select Render as...
2) choose Wave
2) go Custom Settings
3) at bottom is Channels (a drop-down menu where you choose the number of Channels:1-32)
newmediarules wrote on 10/29/2013, 4:44 PM
thx. now that i have that part figured out, i'm stuck on a specific part of the process.

i am trying to create a 4-channel audio mix that is comprised of two completed stereo mixes that sound right when layered on top of each other (one track is voice, the other is music).

and i thought the 4 channel mix would sound exactly the same if i assigned the first stereo track to Bus A, and the other stereo track # to Bus B, which i did.

but the resulting file appears to be this: the first two tracks are two centered mono mixes of the music on top of one other, and the next two tracks are two mono mixes of the voice.

i am obviously missing a step or two at least. please advise and thanks in advance for your help.
robwood wrote on 10/29/2013, 4:55 PM
i'm not sure why it didn't work... maybe John Rofrano's article on multichannel rendering from Vegas will help:

multichannel render template in vegas pro/


note: sucks this forum doesn't have the markup link available while writing; fed up having to open a 2nd window > return to the main page > click on the appropriate sticky every time i want to do more than type "+1"