Nested project veg files across 10 & 11

Rory Cooper wrote on 9/15/2015, 3:08 AM
Anyone working with project veg files pro 10 and pro 11

For example I have an animated sticker veg file originaly created in pro 10 this allows me to change text etc on the sticker.
And I am working on a different parent project veg file for a musical = singin in the rain which I import the sticker veg file
At present because i also have pro 11 loaded the sticker veg file shows as a pro 11 veg file which I ignore so I cannot change the nested veg direct I have to change the original file open in 10 and save. The pro 10 nested veg file hangs

This issue is because as I wait for 10 to get registered I can do new projects in pro 11 and use nested 10 veg files. What to do while I wait? Is anyone using 10 & 11 together peacefully?