OT Old Movies

bw wrote on 1/5/2006, 2:42 AM
I quess they are available all over the world but have only just come across the packsof 50 movies for less than $30 aud (say 18USD) . Tried the 'War' pack and am enjoying the mainly old stuff, many which are the documentaries made for the war effort by well known Hollywood producers.
Since they are presented as originally made (some are more than 90 mins) it is interesting to watch the editing techniques and production methods. hope some of it rubs off.
On a similar topic went to see King Kong last night and only saw the Fae Rae 1933 version a couple of weeks ago. The graphics of course are fantastic but really I think I enjoyed the old one more, too much of a good thing ????
One has to take ones hat off to the early editors who had to work with scissors and glue.


farss wrote on 1/5/2006, 3:38 AM
Funny you should mention those bargain packages, kind of know two of the guys who make them, one uses Vegas and DVDA and the other FCP and DVD SP.
All the material is in the public domain, there's quite a wealth of old material like that, the problem is finding anyone that's kept copies.