OTish: Executive VP of SONY (not SCS) at party!!

FrigidNDEditing wrote on 4/21/2009, 2:50 AM

I have to say that pretty much blew me away.

At the party tonight they had the exec VP of Sony at the party (if I remember the title correctly) and he talked about how they are going to be working Vegas in the B2B division of stuff etc... within Sony. Sorry it's late, maybe someone taped it and get exactly what was said. That to me says - sony comptuers, cameras, so on and so forth, and suggests also that SONY Sony is taking note of our friends in the Creative Software division of SCS.

oh - and on a side note, the party this year was fantastic, and I think it's the best I've been to in the last 3 years or so. Great presentation apart from a bit of a long schpeel from the AMD guy.

Ecclectic Motion was really awesome too - very good time this past night- and I gotta say - if you weren't there this year, you really missed out - leaps and bounds above what there was last year, and last year wasn't bad, just had Les Stroud getting off on hearing himself talk about production and not Vegas IMO.



Grazie wrote on 4/21/2009, 3:15 AM
O .. K . . got that, Dave, but DID you ask about multi-core playback? Hmmm...?


apit34356 wrote on 4/21/2009, 3:28 AM
The Sony's VP appearance says a lot about SCS being more integrated, but with BC being more independent, I'm unsure if that makes SCS gains in consumer electronics moot in the high-end BC product line. But any moment is a good thing in these hard corp times. I personally think SCS has a chance to "rock the boat" as the industry reduces the budgets for NLE products' developments.
John_Cline wrote on 4/21/2009, 3:38 AM
Well, this all makes sense, with the Vegas v9 support for 4k resolution, RED ONE and enhanced XDCAM support and a 32-bit floating point mode that actually works thus making 10-bit video support practical, it all adds up to an assault on gaing market share with the higher-end users. Vegas has always given Final Cut a run for its money on features, but now it seems that Sony is positioning Vegas to compete with FCP and Avid on the PC platform. All of this is good.

By the way, Blackmagic Design has lowered the price of the Intensity Pro from $349 to $199. I love mine.
kraz wrote on 4/21/2009, 4:01 AM
Even though I recently bought a Canon HF10 - I actually think that if I felt that Vegas would work better with a Sony Camera than with another company's - it could be enough (assuming Sony is making a good camera in my price range) to have me choose Sony for my next HW video purchase instead of another brand -

So if there is some value added of Sony playing well with its brother Vegas .. I see it as being able to help other parts of SONY

(I wrote the above as a positive - hoping that Sony see's the value in Vegas ... I of course don't want to get into the Microsoft way of working .. where Microsoft was able to make other products not work well and ONLY other MS products worked well in certain windows environments.
ushere wrote on 4/21/2009, 4:58 AM
and a 32-bit floating point mode that actually works

john, are you saying you've been a beta tester for 9? if not, i think you're being a little too much the fanboi to accuse me in another thread of

It hasn't even hit our desktops yet, but the complaining has already started. Unbelieveable.

my disappointment was based on well documented fact, gleaned from many members of this forum. if you can substantiate your claim that 32bit actually works from practical experience then i apologise in advance for my above remark.

blink3times wrote on 4/21/2009, 5:21 AM
"At the party tonight they had the exec VP of Sony at the party (if I remember the title correctly) and he talked about how they are going to be working Vegas in the B2B division of stuff etc"

Now how is that possible.... Vegas "is dead" ;)

No.... what has happened here is that Vegas is doing well, and as I have been saying, usage has done nothing but go up.... and the big boys are starting to notice.
John_Cline wrote on 4/21/2009, 5:37 AM
I have been a beta tester for Vegas in the past.

From the release notes:

32-Bit Floating Point Video Processing Enhanced!

I haven't had a problem with the 32-bit mode other than the level changes and they seem to have fixed that and made it much easier to use.

No one outside of the beta testers has ever seen, much less run, Vegas v9 running on their own machines and I think ALL this criticism from you and many others is premature. When Vegas v9 is released, if it turns out to be a piece of junk, then you have every right to say so and if I have problems then I'll probably join in the chorus, too. On the other hand, if it turns out to be a stable release, then you and a number of other people will have to eat the words they have written in the last twenty-four hours. I suspect that they're showing it at NAB and we might get some initial reports from forum members at the show.

I think its safe to say that Ed Troxel is/was a beta tester for Vegas v9 and his review was quite positive. Read it for yourself...


I'm taking the position that Vegas v9 is innocent until proven guilty.
Lyris wrote on 4/21/2009, 7:30 AM
"Vegas has always given Final Cut a run for its money on features,"

And usability. I own the entire Final Cut 2 Studio and wanted to get my money's worth out of it (bought it just for DVD Studio Pro). I went running back to Vegas faster than you can say "Preparing the video for display............. ............ ..........."
GlennChan wrote on 4/21/2009, 12:48 PM
I don't get why people keep saying that the 32-bit stuff doesn't work.

Now if you get rendering glitches in 32-bit, then you'd be justified in saying that. But otherwise, it does work. Now it can be confusing and/or difficult to use (I think it is confusing), but that is different than flat out saying it doesn't work.
GlennChan wrote on 4/21/2009, 12:53 PM
"Preparing the video for display............. ............ ..........."

Final Cut works according to its own logic and has its own quirks/pitfalls. You need to break up your project into sequences and avoid too many cuts in one sequence. And then use nesting to bring all that together (keeping in mind that the nested sequence is a copy, and not a reference to the original... because changes in one don't affect the other, you need to throw the sequence into the master nest again).

I learned FCP first so I found Vegas weird at first. You need to learn these programs from scratch.
e.g. FCP and Vegas are backwards in many ways.
In Vegas, you make your edit and then ripple. If Final Cut, you ripple first (select the right editing tool) and then do the edit.

FCP/FCS2 is not as bad as you think. I still find Vegas to be more productive/faster, but you can do work fine on FCS2. And yeah, I realize I just described one of the really stupid aspects of Final Cut (nesting doing unintuitive and frustrating things).
Lyris wrote on 4/21/2009, 7:24 PM
Well, all I can say is that I picked up Vegas a lot faster than I was picking up FCS2, but could turn in great stuff with either. (As it happens, I can turn in greater stuff quicker with Vegas, but you catch my drift).