HeeHee wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:00 PM
Can you render to other formats like DV AVI or MPEG? What is the format of the original source clips?
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:18 PM
I can render to mpeg1 and mpeg2, AVI, QT etc.
Only WMV gives me problems.

The scource is DV avi which I edited and have already printed back to DV Hi8 tape +/- 1hour footage.

I burned it to a CD which I was done with MPEG 1, ie. 1 hour DV avi came out to 660MEGS but the quality is not to hot. With MPEG 2 the quality is much better but I need 3 CD's

I wnated ti try WMV8 format but I keep on getting the mentioned error :(

HeeHee wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:32 PM
Are you selecting the default WMV template or adjusting the settings. FYI - MPEG1 should come out better than WMV, but MPEG1 will be a larger file.
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:39 PM
Yes I'm using the default wmv template, I thought the wmv format might be better than MPEG1 ??

I have a 700MEG CD-R the 1 hour DV comes out at 660MEG using MPEG1

wanted to try wmv to see the difference.
Maybe someone else has rendered to wmv8 with winXP pro ?

HeeHee wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:48 PM
I have rendered to wmv with no problems. WMV is a streaming video format best used on the Internet. You can select different speeds for the intended dowload audiance. 256kbps is a happy medium for quality and file size. Slower and the quality suffers, faster and the files gets too big. Which setting are you using? Also, make sure you bump up the quality to 100%.

I just thought of something. Do you have all the latest patches for XP? You also might want to get the latest versions of Media Player and DirectX from Microsoft.
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/29/2002, 4:56 PM
When I go to microsoft,com it says I already have the lates updates of media player!
I'll check the direct X again.
I recently installed the SP1 for XP...are using the SP1 yet ?

HeeHee wrote on 7/29/2002, 5:06 PM
I'm not sure, I have my system set for automatic updates, but I don't know if this works for Serive Packs. Did you backup the old files during the service pack update? If you did, you can uninstall SP1 and see if something in there broke VV.
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/29/2002, 5:34 PM
I'll give it a try..

thanks fuzzzzy
Cheesehole wrote on 7/29/2002, 10:58 PM
you could also use the command line wm8 compressor from microsoft. I had trouble with it once; I was getting ugly blocks on a bright red shirt. other than that it has performed flawlessly and has consistently given me videos that play back much smoother than the built in Vegas wm8 encoder. I don't know why yet, it could be a problem with MY vegas only. anyway, you have to render to an interim file from Vegas. you'll probably have to render to DV but uncompressed works best for sure.

6Mbits 2-pass cbr at 640x480 at 100 quality gives you awesome looking video. here is my config file. you save this text as a .WEU file and then you can call it with the command line encoder. (read help file with encoder)

-a_setting 128_44_2
-v_bitrate 6000000
-v_quality 100
-v_buffer 3000
-v_keydist 3
-v_mode 1
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/30/2002, 4:41 PM
I'll try it...thanks!

Is the "wm8 compressor from microsoft" in the media player, or must I download it seperately ?

taliesin wrote on 7/30/2002, 4:51 PM
There is a GUI for the WM-Encoder available too.

fuzzzzy wrote on 7/31/2002, 3:12 AM
HI where ?

Cheesehole wrote on 7/31/2002, 5:17 AM
you get the encoding utility from microsoft.

choose windows media encoder / windows media encoder 7.1 OR windows media 8 encoding utility

the wm8 utility is simpler, but if you aren't used to the command prompt try the 7.1 encoder, which has support for wm8 video encoding. it is just crashing my system for some reason (display card issue), but it normally works good.