Plug-In Processing in CDA

Bob C wrote on 3/20/2005, 3:54 PM
I wonder if Sony is aware of this issue still left over from the Sonic Foundry days. CDA seems to be processing all the plugins in a project 100% of the time, which for me makes it unusable as a total mastering solution.

Say I have 14 tracks for a CD project. It would be nice if I could for instance load Isotope Ozone as a plugin event for each wav. That way I could have seperate EQ and compression etc, for each track individually. But since CDA processes all 14 instances of Ozone at the same time it will bring the project to it's knees after about 8 Ozone's, even on a P4 3 ghz with 1 gig ram.

If CDA would only process the plugins on the current track and ignore the plugins on the non-current tracks then it would be no problem to have all this loaded.
Please consider this request. As it stands I feel that CDA is crippled because of this. If this issue was fixed CDA would be a far more useful program.