Plug-in specified not installed on this system while opening project

Jean-Tremblay wrote on 2/11/2020, 5:03 PM


I have a project created with Movie Studio Platinum 13. I NEVER have a problem with that version.

I bought Movie Studio Platinum 16 and installed it yesterday.

I open that project with Planinum 16, I receive the following message:


Warning: An error occured while loading the project file XXXXX.vf.

An error occured when loading a plug-in or plug-ins. The plug-in(s) specified are not installed on this system.

{Svfx:49568243-073c-46d0-8ece-070ef0e38af5} - Media Generator


Note that I can open this project whiout error in Platinum 13...

Other than the installation of platinum 16, no changes have been made to my system.

Thanks a lot!


Windows 10 - Home

i7-3930K 3.3 GHZ

16 gig 64 bits



vkmast wrote on 2/11/2020, 5:19 PM

Please read this comment. You may have some 3rd party plug-ins in your MSP 13 that are version-specific, i.e. do not work in later versions.

EricLNZ wrote on 2/11/2020, 5:44 PM

The plug-in mentioned is one of the VMS13 HitFilm Bundle.

@Jean-Tremblay Using Windows Explorer go to your program folders and find Movie Studio Platinum 13, then the 'OFX Video Plug-Ins' folder. In there you should find a 'HitFilm.ofx.bundle' folder. Copy the folder and paste it to the same 'OFX Video Plug-Ins' folder in your VMS16 program folders (C:\Program Files\Vegas\Movie Studio Platinum 16.0\OFX Video Plug-Ins). You should then find on starting VMS16 that your project opens okay and the MS13 HitFilm plug-ins are available in VMS16.

Jean-Tremblay wrote on 2/12/2020, 3:33 PM

I copied the directory and that corrected the problem.