Bobpin wrote on 12/18/2002, 11:43 PM
Hi all,


Amd 1900+ xp
Leatek WinFast 3D S320 Graphics
Creative Audigy.
H/D 1x20 O/S 1x100 Data
512 mem.

Did the Tutorial and as I want to make a Xmas video for my kids overseas I thought I would Render the Tutorial for Email,but it rendered very Blurrey.

I went Render as ,Named it, Save as Windows Media Video V8 *.wmv,56kbps.

Tried afew times Still blurrey.
Search forum, couldn't find anything

Any help would be appreciated & welcomed Thanks in advance.



randy-stewart wrote on 12/19/2002, 1:42 AM
Try rendering at 256Kbps vice 56Kbps. That should give you a better quality and still maintain a small enough file to send via e-mail. If not, post it to Chienworks server and send them the link to it there. His server is at:
He set it up just for us to share our video projects. Hope this helps.
Bobpin wrote on 12/19/2002, 2:06 AM
Thanks Stewartr002,

That did it for me. I was thinking of Modem speed there.

Thanks again