Former users wrote on 10/17/2018, 12:11 PM

DVDs are alway MPEG2 and you will generally want AC3 audio. There should be templates for DVDA under the MPEG2 render option.

j-v wrote on 10/18/2018, 10:52 AM

That means , depending on the used sourcefiles, one of these

and if you choose to make a videostream only , you have to choose for de audio one of these

and gives both the same name and the same destination location, so DVDA takes both files if you select one of the two to import in DVDA.

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Mags wrote on 11/12/2018, 11:16 AM

Is it better to render audio and video separately or can I just click on the "include audio stream" box under the audio tab?

vkmast wrote on 11/12/2018, 11:25 AM

Former users wrote on 11/12/2018, 11:49 AM

You cannot render an AC3 audio with the "include audio stream" box. It is better to render separate files.

anoymous1234567890 wrote on 11/17/2018, 12:56 PM

Is it better to render audio and video separately or can I just click on the "include audio stream" box under the audio tab?

ALWAYS separate. Else DVDA will want to re-encode and it almost always does a horrible job. ALWAYS have the two files (.mpg and .ac3) named the exact same in the same directory (minus the file extension) so when you pull your video file into DVDA the audio automatically populates. To be sure double click the video in DVDA and let the audio populate in the timeline and go back to menu editing.


So render the MPEG-2 .mpg file and then either a Dolby Digital .ac3 or Sony Wave 64 .w64 for best quality but it takes up a LOT of space. You could render as sony wave 64 .w64 and then have DVDA encode as a higher bit rate dolby digital, because for some reason you can't encode dolby digital at 256Kb/s or 320Kb/s while in movie studio, it only lets you do 192Kb/s for dolby digital.

zulqar-cheeema wrote on 12/20/2018, 1:08 PM

I have this I did on my site, it shows the setup for SV 12 , but will work in the new versions

If you have made some and want to back them up they can be found here:

A link to my templates on Gdocs, download and place in your folder and they will be there