SonicTom wrote on 6/30/1999, 4:40 PM

We did just recently add support for the Ricoh MP7040S
and you may need to update your CD Architect version
to the latest update posted in our Download area. If
there is any difficulty after installing the update,
please call our Technical Support line for help with this issue. The number is (608)256-5555.
We answer 8AM to 7PM CST Monday through Friday. It is best to call from a phone near your computer and have your serial number available.

Tom Hamer
Technical Specialist

GEMClub wrote:
>>Architect fails to recognise my Ricoh MP7040S CD-RW drive.
>>This drive works fine with other software such as Nero.
>>Architect recognises my old (and now poorly),HP 4020i, so
>>it seems to be a problem with Architect software itself.
>>Please can anyone assist?