jetdv wrote on 12/19/2022, 3:43 PM

What format are you rendering to? Some formats don't support embedded markers. For example, MP4 doesn't but MPEG2 does.

P.s. this isn't a scripting question...

patrick-a wrote on 12/20/2022, 9:10 AM



I usually render Sony AVC/MVC, Internet 1920 x 1080-30p

The box was not greyed out until I updated to Vegas Pro 20. Been toying with going to default settings to see if that does the trick, but was hoping there was an easier way since I had spent time getting my audio settings perfect.

Haven't had requests for Closed Captioning in a few months, so of course I get a bunch right after I update and things stop working the way I am used to.

Murphy's law strikes everywhere!

jetdv wrote on 12/20/2022, 10:49 AM

Save Markers is not grayed out on my machine under Sony AVC/MVC, Internet 1920 x 1080-30p on my machine in VEGAS Pro 20.

patrick-a wrote on 12/20/2022, 1:14 PM

Thanks! Good to know.

I must have changed something when I did the install.

Appreciate the input!!