Saving to hard disc from Architect 5

Bambino wrote on 12/10/2012, 4:59 AM
Almost afraid to post this after my last fiasco, but here goes. When I want to save a movie to my hard disc with Vegas 10 there's no hassle - I just click 'Make Movie' and choose the relevant option.

But I would like to take the disc into Architect 5 and save to my hard disc from there, so that I can take advantage of some of the backgrounds and features that it offers. At present, I click Made Movie in Vegas and when it has rendered I opt for Architect. However, although I can create a DVD here, I can't find an option to save the finished product to my hard drive. I want to save a finished copy to the hard drive so that I can easily copy it from there to a disc if I need to in future. Can anyone point the way? - bambino


TOG62 wrote on 12/10/2012, 5:24 AM
When you click the Make DVD button in DVDA you should see two options; Prepare and Burn. If you choose Prepare a folder will be created containing all the files necessary to burn a DVD. You can use DVDA or many other programs to burn these files to a video DVD. don't just copy them to a DVD, though, as that won't create the correct format.
Bambino wrote on 12/11/2012, 5:24 AM
Thanks - I'll have a go at that straight away.