(SOLVED) Vegas opens a new instance on Sound forge every time.

PBaraka wrote on 2/19/2021, 11:45 AM

Hi there I've been using Vegas since the Sony years and Version 18 has a bug I can't figure out: before when I used to open audio files in Soundforge from Vegas it would open the software once and then I would constantly send files between the programs with no problem. Now my problem is every time I want to send from Vegas to Sound Forge it will constantly open a new instance of Sound Forge, this is annoying because when I do the sound design I constantly need to go back and forward between programs, and every time it has to reopen a new instance of Sound Forge this slows down dramatically the workflow. So for the moment, I went back to the most efficient combination Vegas 14 and Sound Forge 11. Vegas 18 with SoundForge 14 is buggy and frustrating. Thank you for any insight you mint have.


rraud wrote on 2/19/2021, 12:54 PM

This probably should have been posted in the Sound Forge forum.
That said... this a result of the Sound Forge Pro 14 'new' "Multi-instancing default". The option to change it back to the legacy behavior is in the (hidden) "Internal" menu.
See my comment for instructions,

btw, welcome to the Magix audio forums @PBaraka.

rraud, Sound Forge forum moderator

PBaraka wrote on 2/20/2021, 8:38 AM

Ok will do, yes this:

This a result of the new "Multi-instancing default", and stated in the release notes. The option to change it back to the legacy builds, was not mentioned though. It is also in the normally hidden "Internal" menu.
- go to the 'Options' menu
- hold 'Shift' key and select 'Preferences'
- select the 'Internal' tab
- find "Force Single Instance behavior" (bottom of list or use search)
- change value from 'FALSE' to "TRUE"
- click 'Apply' and 'OK'
- Exit or restart SF

Helped thank you very much, now more thing missing is the "ctrl Save" function that does not work in general and also the menu in the dock mostly doesn't work, to activate we need to go in the menu bar first then the items in the dock active. Should I also post this in the Soundforge forum? Thanks again for your help.

rraud wrote on 2/20/2021, 8:52 AM

Should I also post this in the Soundforge forum?

Yes, if it is a separate issue from 'Multi-instancing' in Sound Forge.

PBaraka wrote on 2/20/2021, 8:57 AM

Ok thank you.