Split a wav

klenze wrote on 6/15/2004, 3:27 AM
Hi i have made a full length cd project in cd architect but the problem i have now is that i made it out of a long wave file containing all the songs( mixed together ) ,so i can´t add eq and effects to individual songs :(
How can i split up a certain part of the wav and still be able to use the cd markers i´ve made from the beginning

Best regards Conny


SonyTSW wrote on 6/16/2004, 8:32 PM
You need to use an audio editing program such as Sound Forge to split up your wave file. You can download a full-featured Sound Forge 7.0 trial from here:

Sound Forge 7.0 Trial Download
jorgensen wrote on 6/19/2004, 1:06 AM
That's a salesman talk.
I would hit 'S' to split the wave into sections.
SonyTSW wrote on 6/22/2004, 10:46 PM
Doh! You're right, just load the big wav into CDA and split/resize to use what you want.