taped on fx1 capture on dv953

auggybendoggy wrote on 7/8/2007, 9:04 PM
Does taping on one machine mean that if you capture from another the video will change?

What I mean is we taped on a fx1 and the camera is not with me.
We recorded in DV and it plays back on my panasonic dv953.

I believe the sony produces more lpi? Perhaps not?

Being that the FX1 is clearly superior to my DV953 will capturing the video into vegas degrade the actual quality?



farss wrote on 7/8/2007, 10:51 PM
Assuming that the FX1 was recording DV then playback on any DV camera or deck with produce exactly the same result. You are just transferring data.
However if the FX1 was recording HDV then you'll need a HDV camera or VCR to capture the footage.

Terje wrote on 7/8/2007, 11:53 PM
I routinely use a cheap camcorder for "capture". When you think about it, for DV etc it isn't really capture, it is data transfer, and as was pointed out, there is no difference in the data when it is transferred from a cheap camcorder.

I was actually a little surprised when it turned out that the tapes of my new HDV camcorder could not be captured from a DV cam. I thought it was just "data". Clearly not. I am sure the firmware of a DV camcorder could be updated to recognize HDV data and allow that to be captured (but not displayed obviously) as well. After all, it's just data, and there isn't more of it on an HDV cam than on a DV cam.
farss wrote on 7/9/2007, 12:28 AM
As far as I know it's not quite that simple. The transports might be the same, the heads are probably the same however the control electronics and firmware are different. The device has to 'understand' what's written on the tape so it can control the transport. I also suspect that the error correction is done in the camera / VCR.