Tracking issues - movie Studio 17..

Bob-Dent wrote on 11/8/2020, 1:56 PM

Hi, I am just starting with the tracking this morning, and i have spent all day trying to get it to work but it just doesn't seem to do anything..

It is a woodland scene and I wanted the text to track with floor.. the floor was a dirty brown/black path but there was a nice bright green moss covered log on the floor.. i created two copies on different tracks of the video file, the top one i then add the Beziear mask.. I set it round the green log, and hit start, it counts for a bit and then ends. looking at the time line in the mask tool i can see loads of key frames, and they are all the same, if not they have moved ever so slightly in a random direction, barely in the direction of the log but no where near.
Just tried it again with my dog who has a bright ginger chin and is jet black against the relatively green background, and it just does nothing.. the dog runs past and the mask doesnt move.. all the tutorials i have seen all just do it to peoples faces.. Is it only meant to work with peoples faces? does it not like particular things? Is there something i am doing wrong??

Thanks in advance, Bob


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