Upgrade pricing is not proportional, be advised.

Nubie wrote on 9/9/2020, 12:46 AM

The upgrade pricing does not seem proportional. Whether you have a $200 version of Vegas or a $500 version, the upgrade, for example, to Post Suite is still $549. So just be advised, if you're thinking of buying a lesser expensive upgrade and thinking you can just pay a bit more for the next one up later on...think again. You'll be paying the same upgrade price as you would have from the get go with your current less expensive Vegas package.


Musicvid wrote on 9/9/2020, 11:22 AM

Thanks for the observation, but we've always known that the upgrade pricing is based on what you are upgrading to, not what you're upgrading from. That's a consistent business model; wouldn't Vegas sell fewer upgrades if they jacked the price up for Movie Studio users, for instance? Is there some deeper wisdom my feeble brain is missing?