Using VV3c to capture analog?

fuzzzzy wrote on 8/11/2002, 1:33 PM
I have an older camera, sony 805E and have a S-video output and RCA output yellow, white and red.

I can't get sound and the correct aspect ratio when capturing.
Using "ATI ALL IN WONDERPRO 128" card.

would appreciate if someone could give me the basic settings for capturing.

MY newer camera via firewire card works 100%
Not sure if I need different software, or can VV3 work just as well with analog ?

thanks fuzzzzy


Chienworks wrote on 8/11/2002, 2:09 PM
Does your new camera have analog audio/video inputs? If so, you can use the new camera to convert to digital from the old camera. If the new camera has "passthrough" mode you can do this in one step (play from the old into the new, then firewire from the new to the computer). If not, then you can record from the old camera onto a digital tape in the new one, then capture that digital tape.
fuzzzzy wrote on 8/11/2002, 3:04 PM
thanks, that should work..

I would still like to know however if I can use VV3 to capture analog and what setngs to use?