altarvic wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:19 PM
Sad but true.
ForumAdmin wrote on 10/12/2010, 12:09 PM
Here is the list of changes to the scripting API for Vegas 10.0:

* Channel mappings for multichannel renders may now be manipulated
using new properties on AudioBusTrack objects:

* MonoRenderEnabled - include mono downmix in render.
* StereoRenderEnabled - include mono mix in render.
* SurroundRenderEnabled - include 5.1 surround mix in render (master bus only).
* MonoRenderOrder - mono downmix render order.
* StereoRenderOrder - stereo mix render order.
* SurroundRenderOrder - 5.1 surround mix render order (master bus only).

Bus mixes with lower render order numbers will be included before
ones with higher numbers. If more than one mix has the same render
order, their bus display order determines which is included first.
A NotSupportedException is thrown when you attempt to access
surround mix properties on anything but the master audio bus and
when you attempt to set any of these properties on an

* Added classes and methods to manipulate track groups. The Project
object has a TrackGroups collection which contains the set of
TrackGroup objects. The Project object has two new methods used to
modify track groups, GroupSelectedTracks and UngroupSelectedTracks,
which behave the same as the corresponding context menu items in the
GUI. Each TrackGroup is a collection of Track objects and has a
Name, Mute, and Solo properties.

* The Groups property of the Project object is now depricated and has
been replaced by the TrackEventGroups property.

* Added SnapOffset property (get & set) to TrackEvent objects.

* Fixed bug where accessing a PlugInNode via script would destroy any
custom FX filter packages you may have created.

* The ability to execute scripts contained in XML messages sent to
Vegas has been removed. You can still post WM_COPYDATA messages
with a -SCRIPT command line to execute scripts in a running instance
of Vegas.

* Added SetFocusToMainTrackView to DockableControl class so that app
extensions can send input focus to Vegas' timeline.

* Added VideoDataRate property to RenderTemplate which allows you to
get the average data rate of the encoded video in bytes per second.

Event-level audio fx is on our list of requested scripting features.
JohanAlthoff wrote on 10/13/2010, 8:21 AM
Superb! Thanks!

Is it still viable to send in feature requests for things such as scriptable event pitch / timestretch settings? I vaguely remember a mention that this was on the list aswell.

/ J
ForumAdmin wrote on 10/19/2010, 8:17 AM
We're always looking for new feature requests and bug reports. Audio event pitch shift settings is on the list of feature requests already.
altarvic wrote on 10/19/2010, 10:49 PM
This is my wish list:

1) Apply FX chain (aka effect package) to media/event/track/project...

2) It would be nice if we can read the following Vegas settings (their current values). This will allow us to create more intelligent tools:
Quantize to Frames
Ignore Event Grouping
Auto Ripple
New Still Image Length
Cut to Overlap conversion + Alignment

3) Access to "Adjust source media to better match project or render settings"
altarvic wrote on 11/19/2010, 9:57 AM
Sony, please provide us with Marker.DisplayedIndex property. This will avoid confusion when the user selects the desired region or marker for any processing.