set wrote on 12/8/2018, 9:35 AM

Happy Holidays everyone! Today officially starts our VEGAS Holiday Traditions Contest! Enter to win up to $100 off any VEGAS product!

1. Share our rules post on Facebook, or retweet on Twitter.
2. Collect footage of your favorite holiday tradition.
3. Create a video in any version of VEGAS (if you don’t own a version of VEGAS, download a free 30 day trial).
4. Edit your video to a length between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.
5. Email your video to no later than January 1, 2019.


First Place: 
$100 voucher 

Second Place: 
$50 voucher

Third Place: 
$25 voucher


Please check out more important details about the contest linked below. Good luck!

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JimBrenda wrote on 12/20/2018, 12:30 PM

Nice! Will definitely tell my wife to participate in this.

By the way, newbie here. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, watching my Pomeranian relax in one of his dog beds and watching TV with the wife and kids. Such a simple, yet, happy life. Have a nice day!