Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 - Updates?

Bret wrote on 7/29/2020, 6:20 PM

I am using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11. It recently froze, then closed. I am working on a Vaio laptop from 2012. A dialogue box suggested I need to get an update for movie studio. I've never gotten an update for this program. And as you know, the Sony website doesn't really say "Updates here!" so I am still hunting. The Community has been extremely helpful in the past, so I am asking again for your help.

In general, the program has gotten very sticky, with delays and frozen screens. I use it quite a bit, and I love it. If I need to see how synchronous the video is, I end up rendering a final version so I can see the proper timing.The finished product does not glitch or freeze, just my video playback during editing. I suspect the problem I described above is another variation on the same issue. Can you help?