Video and Audio out of synch

stressed wrote on 4/5/2001, 8:19 AM
At the beginning of my captured mpegs, the audio and video are in synch, but, as you get closer to the end of
the mpegs, the audio and video become out of synch by about 1/2 to 1 second. It doesn't matter if you play
them in VideoFactory or Windows Media Player, or, even after you render the mpegs to a VCD, burn it to cdr and
play them in a stand alone dvd player. I'm capturing my mpegs with an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon video card.
I'm looking for a way using VideoFactory to synch the audio and video. I haven't been able to locate anything
about how to do this in the user manual and I'm sure I'll need step by step instructions. Can you even synch
audio and video using VideoFactory? If VideoFactory can't do this, will VegasVideo? Any help would be greatly
appreciated and I thank you in advance.


SonyEPM wrote on 4/5/2001, 9:36 AM
Its really an MPEG issue. This format is not in any way
ideal for use as source footage for editing. We considered
removing MPEG-read entirely because of this type of

A much better solution is to capture as DV or MJPEG and use
MPEG as an OUTPUT format only (Like RealMedia, or Windows
nlamartina wrote on 4/5/2001, 1:02 PM
Another alternative is to do the following:

1. Set your project default timecode to "SMPTE drop"
in "project properties".
2. Avoid rendering your final copy at a lower framerate
than the material present in your project, ie, using
material that is 25 fps and rendering at 15 fps. Try to be
consistant as possible.
3. To correct the lag in your captured material, first
place it in your project. Hold down your control key. Left
click on the end of the audio stream and drag it inward
until the audio lines up properly (preview to check).

That's it. Real easy. I use this technique a lot since my
cruddy analog capture device does NTSC mathematically,
leaving me with time lag. You can do the same, with great
results ({ding-a-ding} And it's all yours for three easy
payments of $49.95!!!) (j/k).

Good luck,
Nick LaMartina