VR Studio Add-On No Longer Showing In Add On Menu

Blaque wrote on 7/14/2020, 11:24 AM

I just recently purchased vr studio and found that its no longer available as an add on in the Vegas pro website page just days after I purchased it. Wondering if the software support for this product has been droped? I may be in need of a refund anyway, due to how slow and lagging the virtual tours are on web pages, its a whole new level of slow.


vkmast wrote on 7/14/2020, 1:54 PM

@Blaque Have you tried to Ask Support anyway as suggested here?

Blaque wrote on 7/14/2020, 2:10 PM

@vkmast Thanks for the helpful links, been trying to find solid links that actually led to some sort of human correspondence down the line all morning, for goodness sake. Thanks again for your help on this.