Won't render like in preview window..

ecommDoc wrote on 10/1/2002, 9:18 AM
I have created a Star Wars opening credits effect. When I render the project, it does not render like it shows in the preview window.

Here is what I have. There are 3 tracks. The first track has a starfield (black background) with a track motion that locates it about the top 1/3 of the screen. I have a glow set on with a 360 feather and .50 intensity (black). The second track is the credits with a deform filter squeeze of .581 at the top and -1.000 at the bottom. It is black background with yellow text. The third track is also a starfield, with no glow, but the track motion is around the bottom 2/3 of the screen. So if I mute the credits, what you see is a starfield and if you look close, there is a small section in the middle where the color (the stars) fades due to the glow of the top. When I preview it, the yellow text starts at the bottom, and when it gets to around the top 1/3, it fades away into the glow of the top track. It works very well and looks good.

Here's the problem. When I render it, the glow is gone. The text rolls up the screen, but it never fades and then disappears as it hits the top track. If I uncheck glow from the top track and preview, it looks like the way it renders. Any ideas why the glow is not rendering correctly?


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